Press Release N° 003-2019-KENÉ

After a year of intelligence investigations, at dawn on May 9, 2019, the High Complexity Investigations Division of the Peruvian National Police – DIVIAC, and the Organized Crime Prosecutor’s Office, managed to identify, capture and break up the Criminal Organization called “Los Cumaleros del Oriente “, made up of loggers, forestry managers, investors and forestry officials of the Regional Governments of Loreto and Ucayali, who were engaged in the illegal logging and trafficking of timber products, mainly of the species Cumala (Virola spp.), among others species. The mega operation was carried out in compliance with Judicial Resolution N°. 01 issued on April 25, 2019, by Judge Richard Concepción Carhuancho of the First National Preparatory Investigation Court, within the framework of the Criminal Investigation File N° 023-2018, in charge of Mr. Lucio P. Saly Rosas Guerrero, Public Criminal Prosecutor, sent on April 19, 2018 by Document N° 398-2018-4 /FSCECO-3E-MP-FN.

Fuente: DIVIAC 2019

1 The High Complexity Investigation Division (División de Investigación de Alta Complejidad – DIVIAC PNP) is an elite group of the of the Peruvian National Police specialized in the investigation and capture of criminal organizations.

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