Research Associates

Ethel Rubin

Ing. Forestal, Mg. Sc. Educational Sciences. She is Associate Professor of the Faculty of Forestry Sciences of the National Agrarian University La Molina (UNALM). Currently working in the Applied Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory of the Forest Management Department of the same university.

Zoila Cruz

PhD in Environmental Sciences, Magister Scientiae Conservation of Forest Resources and Master in Environmental Studies specialty Ecological Economics – Environmental Management. Training and specialization courses in Finland, Costa Rica, Brazil, Guatemala, Korea and Japan on topics related to forest management, conservation and economic valuation of biodiversity, ecology, land use change. 18 years experience in university education and professional jobs as a consultant or researcher in areas of protected natural areas management, ethnoecology, climate change – REDD +, biodiversity conservation in Peru, Spain and Bolivia.

Augusto Arrasco

Legal specialist in socio-environmental issues, public management and the rights of indigenous peoples. Legal advice for various entities of the Public Administration (Ombudsman, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion and Ministry of Culture) and private (Care Peru, National Agrarian Confederation of Peru, Peruvian Society of Ecodesarrollo and consulting firms).

Jano De Rutte

Forest Engineer of the UNALM and research associate from the MOL–UNALM Herbarium. After conducting environmental studies and supervising conservation projects all over Peru for seven years he joined Kené research work in amazon deforestation by agro-industrial expansion. Currently he is coursing a MSc. In Management, with a specialisation on Strategy and Change at Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU).

José Manuyama

Bachelor of Education in the specialty of Social Sciences and Graduated in the Master in Education with a Mention in Educational Management, he teaches at the secondary level in the National School Iquitos. In 2017 he received the «Recognition as a defender of environmental rights» for his career in Iquitos in favor of the environment.

Daniel Huamán

Biologist who since 1997 has been dedicated to research and exploration of the Peruvian Amazon. He has worked and is an active collaborator with several conservation organizations. With his work, he seeks to contribute to the knowledge and construction of a critical thinking, which helps to build a more responsible society and capable of making sound decisions.